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The Misao Awards
Below are the winners from the first year (2002) the Misao awards were run:

Best Graphics - Nigsek
Best Music - Diary of a Madman
Best Plot - ABL
Best Character - (tie ) Ganthithor: DOAM, Nigsek: Nigsek
Best Villain - Kersh: ABL
Most Innovative Feature: FMVs in Nigsek
Most Fun: ABL
Best CBS: Eternal Souls
Best Supporting Cast: ABL
Best Title Screen: Destiny's Call Complete
Most Overhyped: Final Frontier
Sleeper of the Year: Legion Saga 2
Greatest Risk that Succeeded: Nigsek's use of FMVs
Greatest Risk that Failed: Mostach Sheep
Best Game Title: ABL
Most Blatant Ripoff Game: Final Fantasy 7: Ancestral Vengeance
Worst Game of the Year: Magus Returns
Best Reviewer: Juan de Fuca

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