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The Misao Awards
Below are the winners from the fourth year (2005) the Misao awards were run:

Best Technical Prowess

Best Visual Consistency
Ara Fell

Spike TV Award For Entirely Irrelevant Pop Culture References
Antioch Wars

Best Use Of RPG Maker XP RTP

Most Dramatic Game
The Way 5

Biggest Improvement
Laxius Power 3 - The Final Terror

Best Cutscene
Bmage's Entrance, Pokemon: The Evil Inside 2

Best Opening Sequence
The Way 5

Best Puzzle Game
Enter the Cave

Best Minigame
Snowboarding in Pokemon: The Evil Iniside 2

Best non-clichi game
The Way 5

Best Game by an Inexperienced Author
Love and War

Best Romantic Subplot
Ryan and Lavie - Love and War

Worst use of RMXP

Best Quote
Most of the stuff Juno says, Love and War

Worst Map Design
Final Destiny

Cancelled project with the most promise
Confidentus Fabuli

Best Parody
Adventures of MISTER BIG T 4 - New Chapter

Most boring game
Laxius Power 3

Best Game Title
Love and War

Best Use of Sounds
Laxius Power 3 : The Final Terror

Most Non-Linear Game
Laxius Power 3

Least Favorite Protagonist
Aaron - Aaron's Revenge

Most Favorite Deuteragonist
Lavie, Love and War

Least Favorite Deuteragonist
Adrian, Ara Fell

Least Favourite Antagonist
Strata, The Way 5

Worst Story

Most farfetched story
Pokemon: The Evil Inside 2

Worst Game Title
Laxius Power 3

Best Monsters
Laxius Power 3

Biggest Disappointment
Laxius Power 3

Best Medieval RPG
Laxius Power 3

Best War Game
Pokemon: The Evil Inside 2

Worst Spelling/Grammar

Best Game Without Use of a Male Main Character
Ara Fell

Best Character Sprite
Colt, Pokemon: The Evil Inside

Worst Use of Music/Audio
Final Destiny

Best Preview Writer

Best Atmosphere
Laxius Power 3 : The Final Terror

Best Final Fantasy Fan Game
Final Fantasy: Blackmoon Prophecy

Scariest Game

Most Innovative Game
Pokemon: The Evil Inside 2

Best Game Pacing
The Way 5

Best CBS
Pokemon: The Evil Inside 2

Game with the most Pointless Lighting Effects
Dementia Praecox

Best game without a CBS or CMS
Ara Fell

The Worst Failure
Abstract Paroxysm

Best Rm2k Game
Laxius Power 3

Best Ending
Laxius Power 3

Best Dialogue
The Way 5

Game that Best Plays with Your Emotions
The Way 5

Best Original Music
Laxius Power 3

Best Epic Game
Laxius Power 3

Best Custom Graphics
Laxius Power 3

Best Gameplay
Laxius Power 3

Best Rm2k3 Game
Ara Fell

Best Sidequests
Laxius Power 3

Best Character Development
Laxius Power 3

Best Backstory
Laxius Power 3

Most Replay Value
Laxius Power 3

Best Demo
Leegend of the Philosopher's Stone

Best Map Design
Laxius Power 3

Funniest Character
Wendala, Laxius Power 3

Most Overhyped Game
Laxius Power 3

Best Story
Tie: Laxius Power 3, The Way Ep. 5

Best Fangame
Final Fantasy: Blackmoon Prophecy

Best use of pictures in a game
Laxius Power 3

Best use of lighting/shadows
Laxius Power 3

Best Hero
Rhue, The Way 5

Best Villain
Rixian, Laxius Power 3

Best Graphics
Laxius Power 3

Best use of RTP
Enter the Cave

Best Article Writer

Most Likeable Character
Coryool and Wendala, Laxius Power 3

Best Graphics Artist

Best Cast
Laxius Power 3

Best Female Character
Lita, Ara Fell

Best Animal Character
Guanidia, Laxius Power 3

Best ABS
Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening remake

Most Mysterious Character
Gaius, The Way 5

Unexpected Sleeper Hit of the Year
Sunset Over Imdahl

RPG That Most Needs a Sequel
A Blurred Line

Best Futuristic Game
Abstract Paroxysm

Best Cliche Game
Channel Changer

Most Realistic Dialog
Laxius Power 3

Best Coder

Best Cancelled Game
Princess Alanadale

Hottest girl from an RM Game
Goddess Yveen, Laxius Power 3

Worst Dialog
Story of the Earth and Star

Best CMS
Legend of the Philosopher's Stone

Best Complete Game
Laxius Power 3

Best Reviewer

Most Promising Custom Engine Screenshots
Final Fantasy Mythologies

Most Promising Story
The Way 5

Most Anticipated Game of 2005
The Way Episode 6

Darkest Story
The Way 5

Best Comedy Game
cRaZy_gUy's Journey

Best Game Series
Laxius Power 1-3

Game of the Year
Laxius Power 3

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