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The Misao Awards
Here are your winners for the fifth annual (2006) Misao Awards:

Best Non-RPG Game

Best CBS
Legend of the Philosopher's Stone

Most Anticipated Release
A Blurred Line: The Line Ends

Worst Game
Paladin of the White Dragon

Worst Graphics
Paladin of the White Dragon

Best Music
Wilfred, the Hero

Worst Music
Paladin of the White Dragon

Best Storyline

Worst Storyline
Paladin of the White Dragon

Best Use of Sound

Best Female Protagonist
Karen, Kinetic Cipher (Again)

Best Use of Mack & Blue
Starlancer 6

Best Use of Ripped Graphics
Final Fantasy VII-2

Most Cliché Character
Celia, Phantasia 3

Best Allusion to Mythology

Best Puzzle Design
Kinetic Cipher (Again)

Best World Map
Beyond Dreams

Best Game that is Part of a Series
Phantasia 3

Sleeper Hit of 2005
Mercenary Episode 1: Betrayal

Most Interesting Title of a Game
Solstice - Bad Artemis, I'm Freezing, Moon VI, Volume Zero: From Madness Through The Eyes Of Fear

Best Complete Game

Best Cliffhanger Ending
Demon Legacy

Best CMS
Wilfred, the Hero

Best Atmosphere
Abstract Paroxysm

Most Disappointing Game
Paladin of the White Dragon

Most Overhyped Game
Legacies of Dondoran

Buggiest Game Award
Paladin of the White Dragon

Most Technical Prowess

Best Special Effects
Mystic Legends

Best ABS
Litearc's ABS demo

Best Presentation
Beyond Dreams

Person Who Has a Future in the Gaming Biz
Sovan Jedi (tie)

The "This Should Not Exist" Award
Final Fantasy XXX-2

The "You Did All That Yourself!?!?" Award (Best Custom GFX)
Wilfred, the Hero

The "There Is No Spoon" Award (game design/coding that defies all logic)

Mistiest Vaporware
Fates of Alerha

Best Customized-DBS

Most Innovative Game
The Wonder Shooter

Best Futuristic Game
Epic: The Genesis Project

Best Demo
Wilfred, the Hero

Best Intro Scene

Best Fan Game
Final Fantasy Empires

Most Challenging Game
Psychopolitical Drama Phylomortis: Avant Garde

Best Secret/Easter Egg
Mana Conquest

The Wile E. Coyote Award for Best Idea That Backfired
Grand Worlds of Gamingw
Phantasy Star III 2K (tie)

Best Dialogue
Akasha Seal

Best Replayability
Mana Conquest

Coolest character
Fausto, The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone

Coolest RGSS Scripts
Psychopolitical Drama Phylomortis: Avant-Garde

Game with the Most Pointless Overlays

Game with the Coolest Character and Monster Skills

l33test RGSS Coder
RPG Advocate

Best looking (graphically) game for 2006
Rose Chronicles

Most anticipated fangame for 2006
Final Fantasy Empires

Worst Dialogue
Psychopolitical Drama Phylomortis: Avant Garde

Best Boss Fight
Jade, Rubis, and Coral, Solstice

Best Map Design
The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone

Most Useless Scripts
Utopian Chaos XP

Best horror game

Best game without CBS or CMS
Mana Conquest

Best Cut Scene
Acetonic Mushrooms series

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